Refunds & Returns Procedure

Quality & Flower Maintenance

At Guanqing Flower Shop we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. It is important to remember that flowers are a perishable, natural product that will react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather conditions. With many years of experience, Guanqing Flower Shop ensures that only the freshest and highest quality flowers are hand selected and bought each day. Unfortunately once we dispatch our flowers a number of changes in condition may result in their longevity being reduced.

Care instructions must be followed thoroughly in order to increase the lifespan and enjoyment of your flowers. To assist in prolonging their life, we recommend cutting the stems on a sharp angle and changing the water in the vase every two days.  Air conditioning, extreme heat or changes in climate may also have an adverse effect on the flowers. Unfortunately, with all the possible variables, it is difficult for Guanqing Flower Shop to guarantee the flower quality in every case.

If at any time you are not completely happy with our service or our products, please let us know so we can rectify any errors or oversights that may have occurred.  We are here to help and have a dedicated team which will go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with Guanqing Flower Shop.

Flowers arriving in bud – Flowers may arrive in bud so the recipient will get the pleasure of watching your flowers open, the bud protects the delicate bloom while the flowers are in transit, ensuring that your flowers arrive unmarred. They also arrive with much more life ahead of them. Although the product images on our website show flowers in full bloom, we usually deliver flowers in bud or partially in bloom for the reasons listed above. We do understand that first impressions count, but this has to be weighed up with the practicality of delivering fresh flowers in good condition.

Flower substitutions – please refer to our Terms & Conditions page regarding the substitution of flowers out of season, or not in stock. Sometimes substitution is necessary to guarantee top quality.

Returns Procedure

The first step to take if you have any problems with your order is to contact us directly by any of the following methods;

1/ Phone: 0406463358

2/ Email:

3/ Post: Guanqing Flower Shop, 213 High St Rd Ashwood Vic 3147

On average, the flowers should last between 3 and 7 days. Should your flowers perish within three (3) days of the delivery date and we are satisfied that all care instructions provided have been followed. We will be happy to resend a new set of flowers. We reserve the right to request photos or images of the original flowers. We require that any dissatisfaction with the freshness of the flowers be communicated to our Customer Service team within 3 days of delivery.

To assist us in quality control, it is our policy to collect the original flowers. Regretfully, we cannot arrange a resend of fresh flowers to you if the original flowers are disposed of or images are unavailable.

If the recipient receives damaged or sub-standard flowers, please contact us immediately so that we can arrange one of the following:

* a re-send on the next available delivery date; or
* a full or partial refund (% refund depends on the specific circumstances of the issue).

Typically we will not offer both a refund and a resend.  Where flowers have been damaged we will normally ask for them to be returned or for photographs clearly showing the problem so we can use them to determine what is going wrong with our system, and to claim compensation if possible from our courier (as appropriate).  It is important that we are contacted as soon as possible regarding issues. We will, at our discretion consider issues raised after the 3 days deadline but reserve the right to refuse the options of refunding or resending the order.

In the event that a small item, such as a balloon or vase, should arrive damaged or be missing, we shall be unable to resend that item but would be happy to refund its value.

It is important to note that this guarantee does not confer the right to an automatic 100% refund, but only to a fair resolution.

Timeframe – If a refund or redelivery has been approved, this will be done at our earliest convenience. Usually within 24-48 hours.

Refund Method – Refunds will only be made in the original payment method.

Returnable items

Responsibility for Return & shipping costs – Flowers or plants must be returned within 3 days of being received. This must be done at the cost of the customer unless otherwise agreed to by us.

Returned Product Condition – In order to be accepted as a return, products must be returned in the same condition they were received. This includes any packaging, and wrapping. Flowers and plants that are being returned will be assessed for how well they have been cared for.

Change of mind returns – Guanqing Flower Shop will not accept change of mind returns on any of our products. In order to qualify for returns or refunds there must be some fault with either the product or the service received.

Restocking & processing fee – No such fee applies with any purchase from Guanqing Flower Shop.